Taking Care of Children

The Baby & Child Corner

The West Seattle Food Bank partners with Westside Baby to provide baby and toddler accessories, diapers, formula and baby food to families in our service area who are in need of a little help to provide for their children.

Items can be ordered through our Baby Corner such as portable cribs and high chairs; car seats (infant seats to booster seats), strollers, infant bottles, blankets, age-appropriate toys and clothing for newborn up to size 12. 

West Seattle Food Bank accepts donations of diapers, baby wipes, formula, and baby food. All other child donations should go to Westside Baby. For more information go to: westsidebaby.org

***COVID19 has changed our hours and how we operate. Call with specific questions about our Baby & Child Corner.***


How it Works

A parent or full-time caregiver (able to provide child’s Medical Coupon or birth certificate) registers with the Baby & Child Corner during open hours. Registration requires a picture I.D. and proof of West Seattle address. Families can order once a month and orders can be picked up 2-3 weeks after placement. Diapers are distributed twice per month for children under 2 years old and once per month after 2 years old until 5 years old, if available, and can be picked up during open hours. Fulfillment of all orders depends on what is available through donations to our partner WestSide Baby.

The Backpack Program

Filling the Gap in Children’s Nutrition 

The importance of proper nutrition for a growing child is well documented. Hungry kids have decreased attention spans, increased behavioral problems, and more school absences due to sickness. Simply put, hungry kids can’t learn as well, and when they fall behind academically as young children, it is very hard to ever catch up. Free meals in school certainly help, but they are not enough. After all, school is only Monday through Friday.  Around West Seattle, you’ll find many teachers who can tell you firsthand about students who come to school on Monday eager to get back to the school meals after going Friday evening through Sunday without a full, square meal.

Our Backpack Program succeeds because of the hard work done by our school partners. Local West Seattle school staff identify youth for the program, pick their designated food up from the food bank and ensure the food gets to them every Friday afternoon – discreetly. “Backpacks” consists of six balanced meals that are kid-friendly, nutritious, nonperishable, and easy to prepare/eat. We currently serve between 450+ students weekly during the school year.

See our Backpack Wishlist for items that can always be donated for this program.