Providing Food & Services to Families in Need.

There are over 10,000 individuals in West Seattle that live below the federal poverty level. The cost of living in Seattle is 49% higher than the national average which means many of our working families are seriously struggling to make ends meet.

2020 Fiscal Year Statistics

  • We distributed over 2.57 million pounds of food and spent $338,774 on purchased food.
  • 15,000 individuals in need of food and services counted on the WSFB at some time during the year. We saw a 30% increase in visits to the food bank from the impacts of COVID.
  • We delivered food weekly to the homes of more than 500 elderly and disabled individuals not able to make it to the food bank through our Mobile Food Bank Services. This was more than double the previous year.
  • Our Pet Pantry distributed 22,000 pounds of pet food and accessories to clients to take care of their furry friends.
  • Our Helpline Services provided $163,901 in rent, utility, move-in and homeless prevention assistance.
  • Our Backpack Program provided 13,048 packs of kid-friendly meals weekly to more than 450 children at risk of hunger over the weekend at 13 local schools.
  • $122,840 worth of baby food, formula, diapers, car seats, strollers, furniture, toys, clothing and other accessories were distributed to parents of infants and toddlers through our Baby and Child Corner.
  • Our Clothesline distributed $109,139 worth of gently used and new clothing to 1,568 individuals.
  • Our Community Services, including our Hotline, helped the families we serve access additional no-cost resources like food assistance and healthcare.
  • Our Bookcase provided 8,089 books to the children and adults we serve to encourage healthy reading habits.
  • Volunteers donated 22,720 hours of service through our Volunteer Program.  This is equivalent to more than 10 full time employees!