Our Team

Fran Yeatts,
Executive Director

Fran Yeatts was hired as Executive Director of the West Seattle Food Bank June of 2001.
Prior to joining this agency Fran had managed vocational services at Highline West Seattle Mental Health (now called Navos) for 10 years and worked with at risk youth for two years.  She is currently serving on the Boards of the Food Resource Network Federation and the Coalition of Charitable Choice.  She graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and enjoys hiking, skiing and traveling in her spare time.

Judi Yazzolino,
Development Director

Judi Yazzolino is a long time West Seattleite and is very excited to be working and giving back to her own community.  Before coming to the food bank Judi’s career was in radio broadcast sales and most recently she was the National Sales Manager for a cluster of 5 radio stations here in Seattle. She finds it incredibly refreshing to work in the non-profit sector. Having been a volunteer fundraiser for various non-profits for the majority of her career, she is happy to use all of her knowledge to benefit the Food Bank. Her passions are hanging out with family and friends, skiing, traveling and walking her dog on Alki.

Cilia Jurdy,
Development & Communication Manager

Cilia Jurdy has been doing development, fundraising, and communications for over five years. A Seattle native, she is incredibly grateful to be at an organization that makes a real impact on the lives of individuals and families who are at risk of, or currently experiencing food insecurity and/or homelessness. She loves working with our diverse West Seattle community to build relationships and support our neighbors.

Lester Yuh,
Operations Director

Lester manages our over 500 volunteers on site and ensures that food donated to the Food Bank is safely stored and distributed. His background in managing and improving efficiencies at large restaurants, including Salty’s both Redondo and Alki, are helping the West Seattle Food Bank run much more efficiently and effectively. His efforts in utilizing the talents of our volunteers shows in the improvement of our service.

Karla Marifjeren,
Operations Manager

Karla, a Seattle native, joined the West Seattle Food Bank staff in 2015 after volunteering her time since 2004.  Through her experiences as a food bank volunteer, Karla was able to learn about the food security issues in her own neighborhood and how she could best help.  Now as part of the WSFB staff, Karla serves her community both as part of the team overseeing the daily operation of the food bank and by helping to plan and manage our fundraising events.

Marley Manjarrez,
Volunteer Coordinator

Marley moved to Seattle from the East Coast in 2014. In her time in Seattle she’s had the opportunity to study and engage Western Washington’s food system from many angles. She’s worked directly with farmers and farmers markets and most recently as the point of contact for over 100 food banks at Food Lifeline. She’s excited to support the West Seattle Food Bank’s important work and their deeply engaged volunteer base. She’s passionate about community centered organizing and access advocacy and all things food.

Janeth Margolin,
Operations Assistant

Janeth joined the West Seattle Food Bank team in October of 2017.  She has been volunteering at the food bank since 2014 and has been the point person for our Backpack Program since we began the program.  Janeth’s professional background includes work as an Office and Sales Manager in Bogota, Columbia, and in Marketing and Publicity in California.  Janeth lives in West Seattle with her husband and daughter.

Dick Haggart photo

Dick Haggart,
Operations Coordinator

A ten-year West Seattle resident, Dick began volunteering at the West Seattle Food Bank in 2017 and has been a staff member since October 2018.  He operates the West Seattle Food Bank’s vans, coordinates with volunteers to pick up food and other donations from the generous businesses that support the Food Bank and provides assistance within the warehouse with food distributions, technology and facility issues. Prior to joining the Food Bank staff, Dick was retired from a nearly 40 year career as an attorney in Alaska and Washington. Prior to becoming a lawyer he was a partner in a Wall Street investment firm and was employed by two United States Senators.

Tray Olds,
Community Connector

Tray is a native Texan who came to Seattle in 2009 shortly after receiving a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of North Texas.  After 10 years of instructing college students in Mexico, Dallas and at the University of Washington, she left the world of academia to join the WSFB team.  It is her love of language and diverse cultures that make her passionate about interacting with community members and connecting them with the services that will benefit them the most. Tray believes that the skill of communication is essential to success and is dedicated to increasing a sense of community and self-reliance within of all of our clients.   She lives in West Seattle with her native Seattleite husband, Greg, and if it’s not sunny enough outside to play tennis or golf, she can usually be found painting or sewing.

Samantha Thompson,
Programs Manager

Sam Thompson loves Washington: she’s lived in Anacortes, Spokane, Bellingham, Olympia, Shoreline, and been in Seattle since 2017. Working as Program Manager for the Helpline services, she’s only become more passionate about affordable housing. The best part of her job is meeting so many West Seattleites, volunteers, service providers and neighbors.